Singer 1507WC Review

Singer 1507WC Review

The Singer 1507WC sewing machine is built for those basic mending and sewing applications, where you do not need a lot of extra functionality. Instead, you need a simple to use and no frills model. Most machines today do not fit this but fortunately for those who need it, Singer does have one. The 1507WC is an affordable solution for those sewers who simply need functionality.

One of the most difficult aspects of traditional sewing machines has been threading the needle. For many beginners this is not a task they look forward to at all. Fortunately, a modern machine does most of the work for you and this includes the affordable Singer 1507. In fact, one consumer review we found stated it quite nicely. “The manual is very easy to read and understand. I hadn’t previously threaded a machine before, but this one makes it easy. There is a numbered guide right on the machine to tell you where the top thread should go. Overall, the entire threading process turned out to be a breeze.”


  • 4 step buttonhole is more than adequate for the average user
  • 2 different needle positions to help get your stitches in the best spot
  • Free arm allows you to sew larger garments like pants and shirt sleeves
  • Adjustable presser stitch length and presser foot pressure, great for thicker fabrics
  • Carry handle and built-in storage makes this machine quite portable
  • Includes a pack of needles, 4 bobbins, various foot accessories, a feed dog cover, 2 spool caps, a stitching guide, and more
  • 25 year limited Singer warranty

The Singer 1507 truly represents a great value for the price. If you are a beginner or just like to do a little sewing on the weekend then this machine could be just right for you. It won’t overwhelm you with features but just remember that it cannot compete with the ultra modern electronic machines that you can find today. However, it wasn’t designed to and this is evidenced by its’ very affordable price.

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