Janome Coverpro 900CPX Review

Janome Coverpro 900CPX Review

The Janome Coverpro 900CPX sewing machine is a distinctive and powerful model with an innovative design. It actually is a unique combination of an industrial-style cover hem machine and an easy to use home model. This means that the beginner as well as more advanced user can use it to sew just about any project they need in their home. Janome machines are built on quality and have a large loyal following. The Coverpro 900CPX is a prime example of why this is true.

One of the best features of this machine is the easy needle threading system. The upper threading is color coded so it is very easy to see what needs to be done. The lower loop is even easier as you just pull the thread through, push the looper closed, and you can start sewing. If you have ever worked with a machine that was difficult to thread then you will greatly appreciate the lengths they went to make sure it was as seemless as possible on the Coverpro.


  • Extra large bed space (4″ by 5″) means you can actually make a cover stitch in the center of your garments
  • Greater variable stitch length as well as differential feed ration
  • Superior needle has a long groove on the front and back, and has proven to be a very reliable design
  • One hand thread cutter is easy to reach and even easier to activate
  • Janome decorative stitches look as good on the outside as they are on the inside
  • Free arm design is a unique feature on a cover stitch machine, gives you more room for those hard to reach seams

The Janome Coverpro 900CPX is an economical sewing machine to say the least. It has a wide double straight top stitch and bottom cover hem serg stitch which provides a very simple and effective operation. They designed it to be very useful in your home but advanced enough for those more experienced sewers. It has a variety of features like a free arm design, high speed sewing of 1000 stitches per minute, and a heavy duty construction. It is one of the best machines you can find in this modest price range, and a big seller for Janome.

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