How to Buy the Perfect Sewing Machine

When buying a sewing machine you’ll need to consider three characteristics; features, brand, and price. Once you have those narrowed down, buying a sewing machine will be much easier. So let’s get started.


Before you spend your hard-earned money on a sewing machine you should consider a few things. First, what will you be using it for? Knowing what you’ll need in a sewing machine will make it easier to find the right machine for you. Today’s machines can be automatic, computerized, easy to use, commercial, and so much more.


Popular sewing machine brands include Singer, Brother, Janome, Kenmore, and Bernina. We’ll try to provide you with information on each major brand but we always recommend doing additional research, either through friends or by reading other reviews. Certain brands are also known for using better materials. A starter machine made of plastic will be much cheaper than a metal one, but it may not last as long.


For most people price is a key factor in buying a sewing machine. Quality machines will cost you. Cheap machines will cause you stress. Think about it like a car. A high-end luxury car with all the latest features and perks will be significantly more expensive than a base model. The more you spend, the better the quality. You can get a great sewing machine for $100. If you plan on using it regularly you may want to consider going for a $200+ machine.

We know buying a sewing machine can be stressful if you’re not prepared. We hope will make buying a sewing machine easier so you can start quilting and stitching in no time.

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