Free Sewing Patterns for Beginners

Free and Easy Sewing Patterns from All Sewing Machine Reviews

Free and Easy Sewing Patterns

If you’ve been sewing for long, there’s something that you’ve probably noticed…it can be expensive! High-quality fabrics are expensive, some notions are expensive, and sometimes patterns are expensive as well. Thanks to the internet, however, you can find loads of cute, functional, and well-written patterns and tutorials without taking out a second mortgage. If you simply Google “free sewing patterns,” it can be a bit overwhelming simply because of the vast number of websites, so we’ve set out to find some of the best free sewing patterns for beginners.


Easy and Free Sewing Patterns for New Sewers

All Free Sewing is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of completely free patterns and tutorials. Although the patterns range in level of difficulty, there’s a section dedicated to “sewing basics,” which teaches the VERY basic elements of sewing, such as how to thread a machine. There are also loads of free, easy patterns to sew. Again, you will have to register with an email, but it’s well worth it.


Free Sewing Patterns you can make this com Owl Pillow

You Can Make This is well-known for its sewing patterns and tutorials for folks of varying sewing experience. One of the best sections of the website is the “free” section. You do need to register to access them, but trust me, it’s worth the five minutes. You’ll find apparel, baby items, totes and bags, and many other items all for free. Most of them are super easy to construct, and it’s easy to sort patterns by level of difficulty. I really like the fact that most of these tutorials have a lot of pictures of the constructed items, so you really get a feel for what the item will look like finished.


R2-D2 Star Wars Cheap and Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners

So Sew Easy is one of my favorite places to visit for free, simple apparel patterns. Although there is some variance in the level of difficulty, almost all of them are super simple to put together. Many of these items have a cool, retro vibe. There are lots of flowy dresses and even a super-cool cullot pattern. These are downloadable pattern format. I particularly like the “Easy Tunic” pattern because of its simplicity and ease of construction.


Sewing Patterns and Tips for Beginners - How To Sew

Here’s the tagline from How to Sew: “Starting something new can be overwhelming. To make it easier to start sewing, we provide you with everything you need to know–from basic sewing supplies to rotary-cutting tips to threading your machine–so you can stop stressing and start stitching.” Yes, please! This site really does follow through on its promise, too. There’s an entire section dedicated to “first sewing projects,” and it breaks down exactly how to complete a project. If you’re a total novice, this is the place to start.


Cheap Sewing Patterns for Beginners

Craftsy has long been a fabulous resource for all things craft. It’s essentially a marketplace where people can sell all sorts of craft related patterns and tutorials, but if you go to the sewing tutorial section and sort by price, you’ll find all sorts of awesome free patterns. These range from headbands to apparel to burp cloths, and they tell you right up front how difficult they are.


Easy Purse Sewing Pattern for Beginners

Even though this isn’t just a sewing blog, I’ve included this blog post from Crazy Little Projects because I LOVE the list of 25 beginner sewing projects. They are cute, stylish, and easy to make. The links will take you out to other sewing blogs, and that’s cool, too, because some of them are really good. I especially like the stylish pajama pant tutorial on this site….very simple to follow!

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should get you started. Happy sewing!